Employment Tax Statement (Lohnsteuerbescheinigung)

The Employment Tax Statement, known as Lohnsteuerbescheinigung in German, is a statement that contains all the information about a person’s income and the relevant taxes. This statement contains, among other things, the following items;

  • ETIN (the employee’s personal Electronic Transfer Identification Number)
  • Tax ID number
  • Personnel number (the number assigned to the employee by the HR department)
  • The relevant tax bracket
  • Details of child allowances
  • Address and tax number of the employer
  • Employee’s gross wages
  • Employee’s contribution towards the income tax, solidarity surcharge and church tax
  • Employee’s contributions towards health, care, pension and unemployment insurance
  • Details of the child allowance paid to the employee

The Employment Tax Statement in Germany is required mainly for the filing of tax refunds (e.g. gross income, payroll taxes, solidarity surcharge and church tax). You can submit this statement to the Tax Office as part of the documents required to file for tax refund.

In general, the human resource department of a company is responsible for issuing the Employment Tax Statement to the employment at the end of each year. Sample Employment Tax Statement is available here

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