Before Leaving Germany

Before leaving Germany, you are required to complete a few formalities in order to comply with the German laws.

1. De-register from the local Town Hall; the process is known as Abmeldung in German.

2. Cancel your house contract; give due prior notice to your landlord, as specified in the contract.

3. Cancel all your local travel tickets, if any.

4. Cancel your electricity and gas contract; you are required to take the meter readings on the last day, and settle bills accordingly.

5. Cancel your health insurance contract; this can be done one week prior to leaving Germany.

6. Cancel your telephone contract; you may need to present the Abmeldung as proof that you are leaving Germany for the telephone agency to cancel your contract

7. Inform the post office of your new address outside Germany; the post office can then forward your letters, if any, to your new address. This is called NachsendeAuftrag in German.

8. Transfer your bank account balance back to your new country of residence

9. Visit your bank to understand the bank account closing formalities.

10. Cancel the German Broadcast Fee (Rundfunkbeitrag) registered in your name. It is advisable that you send a scanned copy of your Abmeldung in order to fully cancel the contract and ensure that the agency does not debit any further amount from your bank account.

Additionally, ensure that you:

  • Cancel the KinderGeld, if applicable
  • Cancel the ElternGeld, if applicable
  • Cancel the NOC from your car insurance company

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