Tax Number (Steueridentifikationsnummer)

As a student intending on working part-time during the studies, it is crucial that you take notice of the Tax Office, known as the Finanzamt in Deutsch. This office is responsible for issuing the tax number (Steueridentifikationsnummer), which is an important part of the documents that you need to submit to your employer.

You can apply for your tax number directly when you are completing your registration at the Town Hall. However, if you have not applied for your tax number at the time of registering your address at the Town Hall, you can get it from the Finanzamt. In order to receive your tax number, you need to present the following documents to the officer at the Finanzamt:

  • A valid passport or residence permit (Aufenthaltstitel)
  • Residency Registration Certificate (Anmeldebestätigung) from the Town Hall

Again, if you intend on working in paid employment in Germany, you need to have a tax number. The taxes are deducted directly from your income by your employer and are paid to the state. The amount of income tax deducted depends on your income, your marital or family status and your tax bracket/ class.

A mini-job (with an income of no more than 450 euros) is tax-free, and hence students earning 450 euros or less each month are exempt from paying income taxes.

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